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Aug 4, 2016
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Here's ABRA for you... can't make this up. Given how much exposure we have provided regarding the incompetence and collusion about these shows over the past year, this is even more amazing.....

Lesli Rose, the owner of ABRA, was physically present at the show that Jose Lopez just hosted in May of 2017.

Apparently, there was a dog that was bred by none other than the organizer of the show - Jose Lopez, that beat normal ABs that conformed to the breed standard.

The problem? Jose Lopez's dog has cropped ears for whatever reason.

ABRA Breed Standard quote direct from the ABRA website (until it gets changed without notice):
"Ears: The ears should be medium in size and may be either forward flap or rose, with no preference. Cropped ears is unacceptable."

What does this mean?
1. Jose Lopez's dog does not conform to the breed standard of the sanctioning body. His dog is "UNACCEPTABLE." It should be either sent out of the ring with no placement or not even allowed into the ring in the first place when attempting to show under ABRA rules.
2. But wait, Jose Lopez is the show organizer who picked and invited all the judges, so not only is this substandard dog allowed into the show ring against ABRA rules, it beat fine dogs that actually did conform to the breed standard. This should NEVER happen.
3. Lesli Rose appears to not even know her own organization's breed standard, as she gallantly commented concerning this matter after the ABRA rules were specifically brought up: "I stand behind the judges decisions." Either that, or she lacks the understanding of the purpose a "sanctioning body" has. It's pretty simple - A sanctioning body is responsible for maintaining standards of behavior for all involved and enforce its rules and regulations. When there is a breach of said rules or regulations, a sanctioning body MUST take some kind of action.

When there is a clear breach of rules in the physical presence of the sanctioning body owner and her response is to act as if all is proper, then there is clearly no credibility left in this organization, especially since this isn't even the first time as we have personally witnessed some months ago.

And the despicable Jose Lopez continues to call those who have brought up this clear breach of sanctioning body rules at the show for which he is responsible as "sore losers" without any substance whatsoever.

We empathize with all of the dog owners who were the victims of this corruption at the show.

You can see what happened last year at this exact show here: