Dannie Frost knows multi-tasking. She judges and shows her own dogs all at the same show.

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    This is concerning the "F***ing Catalina Wine Mixer and Bulldog Show 2016" hosted by Alison Bybee. Dannie Frost (Simply Incredabull American Bulldogs) was one of the judges.

    We were at this show. However, note that our dog was not judged by her nor did our dog compete against her dogs as we were showing a puppy.
    We would like to highlight the following facts and thoughts on this matter:

    As they were waiting for someone to show up and delaying the start of the first ring by close to an hour, they decided to announce a handling training session inviting people who want advice from the judges to come to the ring. This was the very first thing they did on Saturday. This was not on the schedule. Dannie Frost was in the ring as a judge "advising" the attendees on how to handle their dogs. That is how she decided to "keep my involvement as a judge to a minimum until the time I was intended to take on that role."
    I believe that is the only possible way she could actually screw up that very simple goal she set out for herself, since judges do not have any role except to judge their one show....

    After giving handling pointers as a judge first thing in the morning, she then showed her dogs as a "participant" all day and then she judged the last show at the end of the day.

    No one was even making a point out of this for her to be defending it, but you just can't help stupid...

    To quote Dannie Frost: "We brainstormed to figure out a way to make it the least controversial"

    Could've just made a decision to eliminate the controversy by not showing her own dogs.

    Dannie Frost is actually explaining how she, a judge, and the organizers spent time thinking what they needed to do to swindle the attendees not to speak up about the clear conflict of interest with a judge showing her own dogs. They were utterly incompetent in the task of 'making it least controversial,' but I don't think she is actually comprehending what her admission means when she writes that.

    Further note that a level of an act's controversy is a constant - what people will think of it when they understand what the act in question is.

    So, by logic, the only real way to try to make something "least controversial" is to withhold information and transparency from those who'd otherwise judge the act to be controversial.

    We wish to highlight this because this is about the breed. Corruption by the illiterates that somehow managed to position themselves as reputable members of the community is a problem and it needs to be exposed. Quality of the breed is dictated by the sum of the breedings. People assume titles are actually legitimately earned at the shows and erroneously use that information to evaluate the quality of the dogs. That is how a breed goes down the drain.

    Incredibly concerning is that this was not some 'rogue' action - the organizer Alison Bybee was in on this (who also showed and won many rings handling her own dogs) and the American Bulldog Association (ABA) owners were present at the show as well. ABA was the 'sanctioning body' for this show.


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