"Show dog" vs. "Working dog" American Bulldog

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    This arose in the discussion of a "show dog" vs. "working dog" American Bulldog, and how ABs produced from "working lines" can be acquired for a significantly cheaper price. You can see where we stand on this subject.

    What if I want an AB that actually is a good representative of the breed in terms of exterior, health, temperament, and working capacity? A dog advertised as coming from strong "working lines" and is sold for $500? If it was an excellent representative of the AB breed it wouldn't be $500. Demand would drive that price up.

    Seems to me that "working lines but not show dog" in this context is being used a little manipulatively. It's a dog that doesn't fit the breed standard very well. In the case of AB, the breed standard is established to accentuate the working capacity of the dog. How does the breed standard describe the teeth? How about the jaw and muzzle? Movement?

    Again, all ABs are supposed to be excellent working dogs. The American Bulldog breed was developed with a purpose to do work.

    Just because there are breeders that produce show champions who can't breathe or even move, because said breeders host their own corrupt dog shows, doesn't justify a substandard AB as being acceptable because it can "work." Crap judges are not an excuse either.

    There are obvious problems with dog shows here, like when we personally observed limping and cowardly dogs win rings.
    That's not an excuse to peddle a dog that doesn't fit the breed standard but that can "work." Beginning to awfully sound like a description of a good mutt.
    A good mutt can "work." So?

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