Validity of Hip Dysplasia tests

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    You don't want to end up as an owner of a Dysplastic pup no matter how cute he looked when you picked him up. Hip Dysplasia is hereditary and can be devastating for the dog as well as the owner who came to love his dog very much.

    Tip: X-rays/measurements for Hip Dysplasia WITHOUT anesthesia may not show the true extent of the condition. This is because without anesthesia, the joints are not relaxed and therefore can mask dysplastic hips as being acceptable. For example a dog with a rating of A through a method without anesthesia can very well end up showing B, C, or even D with anesthesia. On the flip side, a dog can't have a better Dysplasia rating with anesthesia as compared to without anesthesia.

    Beware of breeders that have a history of using official tests with anesthesia with their other dogs whereas they only show a good result for a given dog without anesthesia.

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