Dealing with a puppy's motion sickness

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    Many dogs are immune to motion sickness and need no special precautions. Others however, could get nauseous or just uncomfortable/anxious.

    This is what we always recommend to our dog owners to help ensure they don't experience this problem:

    When the dog is still a puppy and you're clear to take him out into the environment as all vaccines are up to date, take him on a ride in your car to a nearby location, like a park. Initially it could just be a 2-3 minute long trip. See how he fares. If you notice signs of nausea, like drooling, make sure you continue these short rides. After enough times, he should get used to it and be completely fine.
    Then increase the duration of these rides.

    IMPORTANT: Do not feed your pup prior to taking him on a car ride. Make sure the ride is shortly after they've peed and pooped. Don't give the puppy any nausea medication.

    It is critical that the dog gets used to car rides when he is a puppy. Trying this only once the dog is older may not work.

    Further, this is really an important step in puppy development even if you don't plan on taking your dog in a car anywhere. Plans change and it could be a major inconvenience down the line if your full grown adult AB turns out to get motion sickness.

    It's a critical part of socialization. The pup will see the world outside the house and will be introduced to a variety of stimuli for proper mental/emotional development.

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