Alison Bybee of Bybee's American Bulldogs hosts corrupt dog shows

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    Update on the Catalina Wine Mixer ABA show so far. A dog limping in each ring won Best Bully in the first show. Later Alison Bybee provided the excuse that the dog tore his nail so that's OK. That must be great to know for owners of dogs that got beat on the way. An owner of one such dogs told me he didn't want to stir things up by speaking up about this kind of judging. So, here I am.

    This limping dog was shown by Dannie Frost (you can find her response here), who is also a judge at this same event, which is a clear breach of ABA rules. Further, she was showing other dogs beside this one as well.
    Bybee's kennel name was called by the announcer multiple times in addition to the number of the dog, against ABA rules.

    Allison Bybee, the organizer, is showing her own dogs with a Bybee t-shirt and scoring good points. Was told by Allison that she sees no conflict of interest because "[her] dogs win everywhere." The other dog in the ring in the video below is a Bybee dog being shown by her husband Randy. This is an adult dog. This is a cowardly dog and with proper judging this dog would not have been placed. Instead, this dog has BEATEN other dogs on the way to the ring you see.

    Showing our pup in Bully Female 6-9. In comparison with a Bybee 9-12, judge tells us that he found the face "type" of the Bybee dog more to his liking, but said that our dog's structure was better and he said that we have a great dog and no significant defects. Clearly following the breed standard for judging.
    Leaving here. 1.5 shows of this nonsense is enough.

    When organizing an ABRA show in Moscow ourselves in June, we made sure all dogs were referred to by their number only. Judges never saw dog names or kennels associated with the number. We did not show our own dog. All judges that were yet to judge were prohibited from seeing the rings of other judges. And guess what? The results for each show were nearly identical, same pup got Best Puppy 3 out of 4 and same adult got Best of Show 3 out 4. With runners up taking the win in the "other" show. Detailed explanations for judge decisions were provided in the ring. Judging was done strictly by the standard and not judge preferences for type. Attendees have asked us to organize another show before it even ended and we plan on doing so in November.

    The stuff we've seen here is a joke. Broken toe nail......

    We found this show to be unethically conducted. FUNNY UPDATE: the front desk manager at the Motel 6 where the show is being held just told me some other lady who was at the show checked out early and left claiming severe problems with the organization/judging of this show.

    Our objective for this post is to expose the problems that appear to be the norm for American Bulldog shows with hope that we, the American Bulldog community, can work together to make and protect the parameters that ensure dog show results are unimpeachable, or at the very least, that blatant rule-breaking and conflicts of interest are not repeated. In order for this to happen, show attendees should speak up and confront blatant rule-breaking and cozy judging that benefits the organizers at the expense of other attendees.
    Does anybody wonder why there are less than 40 dogs at the show? In front of us, we have 4 awesome dogs from a breeder who just came to hang out and who doesn't show his dogs because he's had enough after attending just one show and being told his dog is not a "bully." Total classical bully with incredible structure. Some asinine judge THAT must have been.

    Sounds like organizing a show is a great way to rack up points for the organizers to champion out their own dogs at the expense of the naive attendees. This needs to change.
    BONUS: video of the dog limping and then winning "BEST BULLY OF SHOW" !
    The other adult male dog that somehow managed to win rings with his tail tucked in his ass that you see in this video belongs to none other than Alison Bybee, and was shown by her husband.


    Dog limping in the ring, belonging to Dannie Frost, a judge at this same show - Simply Incred-a-bull Lamborghini Diablo "Cobra"

    Dog with her tail in her ass demonstrating pathological cowardice, belonging to Alison Bybee is Bybee’s Cinna, has since been crowned "Champion" as well.

    Conversation with American Bulldog show host Alison Bybee of Bybee's Amrican Bulldogs concerning conflicts of interest and blatant breaking of sanctioning body rules observed at the 2016 F*ing Catalina Wine Mixer American Bulldog show. At the very end of this conversation, Alison Bybee claims that the dog that was limping (Simply Incred-a-bull Lamborghini Diablo "Cobra") had a broken toe nail. Injured dogs should not be shown at dog shows, but that is beside the point - this dog should not have been shown at all - it belongs to the judge at this show - Dannie Frost.

    FYI - Alison Bybee also sells Frenchies / French Bulldogs. Beware.

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