An American Bulldog walks into a bar.....

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    An American Bulldog walks into a bar and sits with his friends - a Chihuahua, a Malinois, a Labrador, and an English Bulldog.

    The AB says "So, fellas, what's been going on?"

    The Chihuahua answers - "I've just been barking nonstop at everything that moves. It's exhausting really..."

    The Malinois says "I've been training hard... was taught to bite the decoy. Saw a giant puffy man at a car dealership and my training just kicked in man.... tore him apart! Felt good. He just deflated. That's a first... they usually just lay there while I go at that arm....."

    The Labrador answers "I've fetched a frisbee 200 times today!"

    The English Bulldog says "I've just been laying around the house... the heat is tough on me, I'm constantly out of breath, my joints ache... I'm getting old. It's going to be my 3rd birthday next week."

    "And what did you do?" they ask the AB.

    He answers - "Just observing mostly, breathing in the beautiful nature, listening to the birds sing. Aren't they just marvelous? People-watching, reading up on some Buddhist philosophy. You know - human stuff."

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