My name is Gail Tighe.I have no Bulldogs, but read Scam: C Beuchat. I'd like more information.

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    My name is Gail Tighe. I have no Bulldogs, but read Scam: C Beuchat. I'd like more information to share how everyone can breed dysplastic free dogs. Currently I'm doing well meeting that goal, but I'm not perfect.
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    Gail - the most efficient process would be to utilize PennHip methodology. Hip laxity measurement by PennHip is a score given for each hip in a dog. You can apply selective pressure using these numbers. So prioritize breeding dogs that have the tighter hips. Among littermates, the scores will vary but will be in the same ballpark for the most part, so focus on breeding the pup(s) in any given litter that have the tightest hips in the litter. By repeating this over several generations you can drastically reduce incidence and risk of hip dysplasia in the dogs you produce.

    Here's an example of how one of the top Boerboel breeders, Shaun Eric Ewing, used PennHip to address the problems of hip dysplasia in his kennel.

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