****PUPS EXPECTED AROUND FEBRUARY 2017 (Last litter of Bazooka so last chance)***

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    Mother: ”Bulls of Crown,s Bazooka
    Father of Bazooka “Ironbulls DJ”
    Mother of Bazooka: Multi Champion”Bulls of Crown,s Candy”
    The grandfather of Bazooka is the world famous dog R.I.P “Bulls of Crown,s Doughboy of Freestyle”

    Health results of Bazooka:
    Hip Dysplasia (HD): A (Free) ,Elbow dysplasia (ED): Free , Canine ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): Free, Ichthyosis: Free & DNA : Yes

    Father:"Junior Ch “Bulls of Crown’s Rammstein of MD”
    Father of Rammstein: Maddock's Golan of Bulls of Crown
    Mother of Rammstein: Maddock's Sonia of Backyard"
    The grandmother of Rammstein is a sister of the world famous dog " Bulls of Crown, s Doughboy or Freestyle "

    Health results of Rammstein:
    Hip Dysplasia (HD):B ,Elbow dysplasia (ED): Free , Canine ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL): Free, Ichthyosis: Free & DNA certificate: Yes

    Pedigree pups:

    Both parents have healthy straight legs (no crooked legs/no elbows out), full pigment (eyes, nose, lips) good conformation, good breathing, perfect bully heads, healthy recognized colors, large coarse strong bones, full tested and awesome bloodlines!!!!

    1. With the aircraft they can go with 11 weeks old, then they have their 1st and 2nd vaccinations. (does not apply for all countries)
    2 New rules USA: Pups permitted from 4 months (fully vaccinated incl. Rabies)
    3.New rules EU countries: Most European Countries have the new rule that the pups must stay at least 15 weeks (fully vaccinated incl. Rabies)
    4. They are complete wormed
    5. They have a health cetificate of the vet,
    6. They have a European passport,
    7. They are chipped at our vet (ISO chip)
    8. They have a pedigree,
    9. They get puppy food with them,(only in the aircraft it’s not permitted)
    10. A surprise.

    We are originally Dutch but live in Hungary

    ***For more info Bazooka X Rammstein Banner 2016.jpg e-mail us!***
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    Great to see genetic-tested litters!

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