Why are the American Bulldog Conformation Show Results not publicly available?

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    In the United States, is there actual information accessible as to who attended what dog show and what placement they got? Out of how many dogs in class? Who was the competition? I keep hearing of dog shows and this or that dog winning and becoming a Champion, but can't find any attendance list, how many dogs competed in each ring and class, number of points earned, or any kind of results tabulation whatsoever. How is this OK?
    There is ZERO transparency.

    It doesn't take very much to become a Champion - all a dog has to do is accumulate some points, which simply means that it's better than some of the other dogs at the show, and accumulate a couple of Best Classic or Best Standard - which wouldn't be hard at a show with 8 adult dogs total.

    A dog doesn't have to be selected as a Best of Show dog even ONCE to become a Champion. Even at that show with 8 adult dogs total..... [​IMG];-)

    Would be interesting to see how many shows it took and what kind of results were achieved at each on the way to a dog becoming a Champion. You bet that'll give you a hell of an insight into the actual reality of dog shows and meaning of titles.

    Not all sanctioning bodies are equal. Not all dog shows are equal. Not all organizers are equal. Not all judges are equal. We organized a show in Moscow in the summer - 54 or so dogs. One dog became a Champion because he won Best in Show against nearly 30 other adults 3 times out of the 4 shows, and that 4th time he was runner-up. Now THAT is a Champion. He acquired that title in just 1 weekend..... 4 different judges - and I don't think any one of them had ever seen or heard of that dog before. Points are awarded based on number of dogs in competition. We tabulated and publicized show results in detail - feel free to visit http://www.abrarussia.comto see them.

    How many "Champions" do you think there are out there being advertised as such that got their title after attending more than 5 events (that would usually mean 20 shows - 4 per weekend), and never once got Best in Show out of those 20 shows? Their dirty little secret.

    A warning to prospective buyers to fully research any kind of titles the parents of the litter you're looking at might have.

    The title "Champion" might be just synonymous with "I attend a lot of shows with very few entrants with an average dog" for some of the Champions you see around.

    Incompetent/corrupt organizing and judging would be a related subject to, and the cause of, some of these barely-attended dog shows that continue to pump out "Champions" but let's save that for another day.

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